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Hand in hand
Our association was created in 2003 through the efforts of a few professionals and patients with hepatitis, has set the following major objectives

  • Help and assist patients with hepatitis
  • Formalize the screening strategy and prevention
  • Improve the quality of screening and prevention
  • Improve the quality of treatment

Indeed, there is little joint area between the preventive and curative sector; the first suffers not only insufficient in its implementation but also means a low prestige, not to say “contempt”, while the second is characterized by an unorganized pluralism
Given this situation, which requires adherence to all health professionals, we propose a strategy that completely and deliberately ignores any alarmist message about the epidemiology and natural history of the disease, but that fits in the promotion of a systematic approach to prevention and screening.
Finally, the patient with hepatitis wants a better health care system would be expressed through better management constituting a chain of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Acts that involve all GPs and specialists that would promote effective collaboration between public and private sector.